It is that time of year again where people begin making all sorts of new years resolutions. Whether it be to lose weight, to spend less money, to travel more…most everybody has one. For brokers, this can be a wonderful time of year to revisit your business plan and make new goals for yourself and decide what you would like the new year to bring. We use a common business plan template for our team and would like to share some of what that includes so that it may help your business as well.

1. Analyze your Accomplishments This Year

What was your annual gross, monthly gross, and weekly gross income throughout the year? Recognizing your accomplishments is a great way to begin making new goals, and feel good about what you’ve done over the past 365 days.

2. Establish Your Goals for Next Year

This includes your personal goals as well as your business goals. Both of these go hand-in-hand. Accomplishing business goals can help you accomplish your personal goals, and even vice versa. Note what kinds of clients you would like to be working with next year. What kind of clients would be best suited for your unique service that you provide?

3. Establish Income Goals for Next Year

After you’ve looked at your accomplishments from the past year and decided on of new goals, now decide what kind of realistic income goals you would like to achieve.  Again, think about your annual gross, monthly gross, and weekly gross incomes.

4. Establish Contact Goals for Next Year

How many new contacts will you know by the end of next year? A huge part of succeeding in the industry is all about maintaining old relationships and always continuing to make new ones. Come up with a schedule and a plan for how you are going to accomplish making these new relationships. How many phone calls are you going to make a day? How many people are you going to set up coffee or lunch meetings with in a week? How many community events should you aim to attend per month?

We encourage you to use these tips to make a business plan for yourself and see how it helps you throughout the next year. Check in with your business plan every month and see how you are doing and if you are staying on track. Share this with your friends throughout the industry to help them make a successful business plan for themselves so they can step into 2019 with the confidence to achieve their business goals!

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