Griffin Hare is a graduate from Whitworth University and interned at NAI Black from June 2017 through June 2018. Griffin was a huge help to our administrative staff as well as our brokers. He got hands-on experience in the world of commercial real estate and we loved having him throughout the whole school year. Here is what Griffin took away from his internship.

NAI Black: What is the most valuable thing that you have learned at NAI Black? 

The most valuable thing I learned at NAI Black is the importance of relationships. This lesson was apparent on a myriad of unique levels. For example, the relationship I witnessed the most intimately was that of the broker and their assistants. There is mutual respect, and each side knows that without each other nothing could be accomplished. I witnessed genuine friendships between brokers lead to powerful business partnerships. The relationship between the brokers and their clients was intriguing because each interaction is unique and that is what is so special about this business. There is no one right way to do business in this industry and each broker has a multitude of skill sets and strategies in order to succeed and I think this aspect can be applied to any facet of my career.

What is your major? How have you applied/grown it through your internship? 

My undergraduate major was Business Management and I received my Master of Business Administration this last spring at Whitworth University. I have applied my major(s) through this internship by utilizing the “hard skills” I have acquired like marketing, finance, and organizational studies to complete tasks in the most effective and efficient way. This internship has forced me to go out of my comfort zone at times by making hundreds of cold calls or approaching landlords to gather specific data. I am very thankful for this aspect of my experience here because it was something that my education could not quite teach me.

What is your favorite building in Spokane? 

My favorite building in Spokane is the Davenport Hotel. The exterior boasts complex and elaborate architecture that is very unique compared to other buildings in this area. The exterior is what prompted me to pick this building, but equally impressive is its intricate interior. Every time I walk by or in this historic building I am in awe with something new.

Thanks for all of your hard work over the past several months Griffin. Good luck on all your future endeavors! We appreciated having you on our team!