NAI Black is pleased to introduce our new site manager of the Salnave Glen Apartments in Cheney, WA, Ryan Yetter. Ryan will be handling all of the leasing information for the apartments and will be a great new addition to our team. Here are some fun facts about him.

Where did you grow up?
Stockton, CA

Why did you want to work for NAI Black?
NAI Black is a large real estate company with a large inventory that ranges from commercial to residential. I’d like to one day own property to lease out to people so why not learn from the best, right? (Thanks Ryan!)

What are your hobbies outside of work?
Being in the great PNW I like to fish, hike, canoe, camp, bike and just explore. I’m also into the aquarium hobby.

What is your favorite part about working in Property Mangement?
The people are my favorite part about working in this field and the work itself. No day is going to be the same, just like no person is going to be the same. Each day is going to require a certain amount of attention to detail depending on what you’re doing and the same goes for tenants and prospects, everyone needs a different amount of attention. Plus I’m a people person so being able to interact with different people everyday is nice and being able to get outside every once in a while is nice too.

The Salnave Glen Apartments are located at 1048 W. 1st Street in Cheney, WA right next to Salnave Park. For leasing information contact Ryan at, or call 509-844-2710.