The past few weeks in the Pacific Northwest have been hazey ones. With our air quality raising to almost 395 on the Air Quality Index, it’s no secret that the wildfire’s have been outrageous this summer. And with fire’s, there are firefighters working hard to contain and put them out. These firefighters work day in and day out in the brutal heat trying to save our environment. Spokane was able play a role in this effort to help.

Eric Johnson, Wildfire Support Coordinator, contacted Stephen Pohl, a NAI Black broker, to see if he could help locate a property for them to prepare lunches for the firefighters. Stephen worked with David Wright, an NAI Black property manager and within a day a site was made available to put together and distribute sack lunches.

“The community gave amazing support along with NAI Black. This just goes to show that people step up and Spokane really outdid themselves,” said Eric Johnson. Johnson says they made and distributed these lunches from last Tuesday, August 21, until Monday, August 28. NAI Black was extremely proud to be able to help put this together for the firefighters that have been working so hard to get these fires contained.

Thank you firefighters!