Millennial’s vs. Gen Z: 4 Things Agents Need to Know

Millennials are currently the age group most heavily impacting many industries, including commercial real estate, but Generation Z is hot on their tails. Gen Y, more commonly known as Millennials, are currently between the ages of 23 and 38 and were born between 1981 and 1996. Generation Z is the newest named generation, and are [...]

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New Year, New Goals

It is that time of year again where people begin making all sorts of new years resolutions. Whether it be to lose weight, to spend less money, to travel more…most everybody has one. For brokers, this can be a wonderful time of year to revisit your business plan and make new goals for yourself and [...]

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Food Court Reflections

A Warrior Rejoices By: Stephen Pohl Circa 2006 The warriors arrived, one by one, glancing up only to get their bearings. In the neon lit canyon, characterized by the sweet smells of its daily fare, hawking counter personnel roar to life, making their case for cuisine "du jour". The warriors carefully navigate the cacophonous carnival [...]

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Virtual Reality and Commercial Real Estate

Technology has been impacting commercial real estate since the beginning of time from websites, to emails, to CRM’s, to drones, and now it seems there is a new technology buzz in the industry. Of course, in such a competitive business, brokerage companies are always looking for the best way to get a leg up on [...]

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Food for Thought: Investing in Marijuana Tenants

The marijuana industry is a quickly growing industry throughout the U.S. Currently, there are 30 states that have legalized marijuana. There are many investors that have already decided to invest in properties with marijuana tenants and many are thinking about doing so. While sitting in on a webinar hosted by SIOR we learned about the [...]

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Why Digitally Native Brands Realize Brick-and-Mortar is Essential for Success

The argument of whether or not online retailers are affecting the retail commercial real estate industry negatively or positively has been a popular topic over the recent years. It is very likely that you’ve read an article or blog post somewhere discussing that brick-and-mortar is dying and that e-commerce is the future of retail. Is [...]

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Brent Johnson joins NAI Black’s Commercial Brokerage team!

NAI Black Spokane's leading commercial real estate company is proud to announce that Brent Johnson is now a licensed commercial real estate broker on the NAI Black brokerage team.  Brent’s background in commercial construction with McCloskey Construction provides him with a valuable foundation for a career in commercial real estate. Brent will apply his commercial [...]

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Jeff K. Johnson – Elected to Serve as CBA Board Chair

Jeff K. Johnson, SIOR, CCIM, President of Black Commercial Inc. has been elected to serve as the Board Chair of the Commercial Brokers Association of Washington (CBA).  CBA is a 4,000 member owned cooperative that provides commercial multiple listing services, education, arbitration and networking to its members. The Commercial Brokers Association (CBA) is a member [...]

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NAI Black to Market and Lease the Renovated Wonder Building

NAI Black is set to market and lease the newly renovated Wonder Building. Built in 1909 the Wonder Building made Wonder bread and Hostess products up until the year 2000. A group of investors purchased the building and have invested $12 million in the renovation. The re-development of Kendall Yards to the west was an [...]

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NAI Global Ranked Among Top Five Commercial Real Estate Brands in the 17th Annual Lipsey Survey

Spokane, WA - February 22, 2018: NAI Global, a leading, global commercial real estate firm, earned the top four spot in the 2018 Lipsey Survey of Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Brands. The survey was conducted among 100,000 commercial real estate professionals using a combination of ballot voting, phone interviews and focus groups to identify [...]

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