In the last few years, there’s been a lot of attention going towards sustainability. Eco-efficiency is now a leading element of commercial real estate’s development, and it’s changing the way the industry works. Sustainability is providing CRE with creative solutions that benefit both our society and the planet.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that going green is just a fad. As it’s re-visioning the world around us, it’s clear that sustainability is here to stay. Still not convinced? Check out these 3 points that highlight the utility, appeal, and longevity of sustainable design.

Meeting Consumer Demands

Today’s consumers are aware, active, and ready to take a stance on sustainability. In order to best meet contemporary needs, eco-friendly design is a must. Futerra’s recent report shows that people believe that their decisions truly make a difference. When surveying 1,000 consumers in the USA and UK, 96% of respondents feel that their actions can have a tangible impact on our world as a whole.

This kind of individual involvement is a huge motivator for CRE, and it’s leading developers and investors to place sustainability at the forefront of their asset’s designs.

There’s a large demographic of commercial clients who are strictly shopping for efficiency, and the only way to appeal to this market is by providing sustainable options. Not only will this elevate you above competitors, but it also broadens the sales funnel with prospective clients.

Financial Benefits of Going Green

There’s more to sustainable designs than just attracting eco-conscious tenants. The benefits extend into the financial sphere – which tends to speak louder than words. There is a multitude of opportunities available to sustainably-driven projects, and this motivates property owners and builders to re-think their design plans.

There are significant financial perks that com along with building a sustainable property, and more and more developers are interested in these opportunities. Local and national governments, NGO’s, and other environmental groups provide grants and loans for eligible eco-efficient trailblazers.

In many cases, these grants can cover the costs of building, installations, and maintenance. These financial benefits are so appealing that they’re motivating projects to take a sustainable approach – even if it’s only to qualify for the monetary aid.

In today’s world, choosing sustainability is a smart business move. If you’re looking to get these unignorable benefits, consider making more wholesome design choices.

Paving the Way Into the Future

There’s no denying it – sustainability is the future. According to Tim Grosse, Founder of E Squared Energy Advisors, “Energy and sustainability work together to boost your top-line revenue growth and your profitability at the same time. Your business can ride this tsunami wave by gaining market share from the rapidly growing number of environmentally responsible consumers, or your business can lag the market and peers by ignoring this trend.”

The Nielson Report says it best – “No matter what, sustainability is no longer a niche play: your bottom-line and brand growth depend on it.”

CRE pros, you heard it – it’s time to start accounting for sustainability in your design plans. For more industry-leading trends, explore our blog.